The Strip

Country 76, the Branson Strip

One of the most amazing destination in the South came to life over 50 years ago. 60 Minutes once called it the “live country music capital of the universe”. There are over 100 shows in Branson that offer a wide variety of family-friendly shows and entertainment and the Branson Strip is THE hub of activity.

Andy Williams Moon River Theater
This theater, located on the strip, is moderately sized and is perched atop a hillside and build of locally quarried stone. From a distance, it appears to be part of the natural landscape. Once inside, the building will amaze you. The auditorium has comfortable seating and high-tech equipment. You can enjoy performances by Glen Campbell Broadway on Ice, and special guests throughout the performing season.

Bobby Vinton Theatre

The Bobby Vinton Theatre, also known as the Blue Velvet Theater, is one of the most opulent in Branson. Original Italian frescoes, hand painted floor tiles, and gold records create a magical venue and is the perfect place to catch a show. The exterior looks like a miniature castle and the lighting and sound system are state-of-the-art.

Mickey Gilley Theatre

This theater sits right in the center of the Branson music district. With comfortable seating for nearly 1,000 guests, state-of-the-art lighting, a great sound system and two of the most popular artists in town, the venue is usually sold out. You can see Mickey Gilley perform his top hits here every evening at 8p. With his honky-tonk piano playing and his flashy costumes, Gilley puts on is quite a show. At 10a, you can catch the morning show with singer and songwriter Jim Owen.

Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater

Located near the Ramada on the Strip, the Dick Clark American Bandstand Theater complex is a 26-acre entertainment center with a 970-seat auditorium, as well as an in-house grill and outdoor festival grounds.

Presley’s Country Jubilee

Located right on the strip in Branson, this theater has the distinction of being the first theater in town and has become a landmark. Over the years, the building has undergone a number of face-lifts, and its lighting and audio are now considered modern. The family that originally built the theater has grown over the last thirty years as well, and thankfully many of them have stayed in Branson to entertain millions of people. The Presley Family Jubilee is two hours of non-stop laughter, singing and dancing. The talented artists will make you laugh until you cry, tap your foot to the latest country hit.

Dixie Stampede

Owned by superstar Dolly Parton, this 35,000 square-foot arena is home to one of the best dinner shows in town. The night begins in the saloon, where appetizers and cold alcohol-free drinks spark the evening. Next, you are off to the auditorium for the show (complete with 32 horses) and a four-course meal. The dinner starts with homemade creamy vegetable soup. Barbecued pork and rotisserie chicken are the main course, with corn on the cob, homemade biscuits and herbed potatoes as sides. Dessert follows, and you can drink all the tea, coffee or soda you can handle.

Legends Family Theater

Legends In Concert is consistently recognized for its spectacular superstar lineups throughout the year. The show is a two-hour tribute to world-renowned actors, actresses, musicians and more. Even though you know in your heart that the people on stage are impersonators, you will not be able to reconcile this with what you are seeing and hearing. The performers who portray people such as Dolly Parton, the Blues Brothers and Marilyn Monroe look, act and sound like the real thing. This fast-paced, high-energy show will keep you and your family entertained.

Yakov Smirnoff Theatre

Inside this large theater, with Russian backdrops on the stage, some of the most hilarious comedy you have ever heard comes to life. If you are visiting Branson between April and December, you will not be disappointed if you work this show into your itinerary. The Russian-born, world-famous performer who owns the theater has such a refreshing perspective on life in general that you cannot help but laugh at his antics and stories. During the show, Russian dancers will “wow” you, a juggler will thrill you and Yakov will make you laugh so hard that your sides will hurt and your cheeks will feel numb.
“From Russian with Laughs!” -People Magazine
“Raucously Funny!” -Newsweek
“Splendidly funny, sometimes poignant…always entertaining!” -The New York Times

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Theater

You will enjoy the entertainment at this nine-year-old theater, which houses 1,400 seats in the auditorium. Performers who grace the stage include the Ripleys Believe It Or Not Live, Osmond Brothers, Tony Orlando and Philip Wellford. Whichever show you decide to see is guaranteed to please you. There is also an elegant restaurant on the premises. The lunch menu offers sandwich selections such as the hot turkey sandwich. Dinner includes entrees such as baked chicken, prime rib, and dilled salmon.

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